Cat Themed Birthday Party


Cat Themed Birthday Party - Cat theme party supplies - Cat Birthday Party

For the child who loves cats or kittens, have a cat themed birthday party! Our cat themed birthday party plan includes calico cat stuffed animal kits. We provide everything necessary to have an excellent cat themed birthday party!

We provide all the cat themed birthday party supplies and you provide the kitty cat fans. Our cat birthday party favor kits include unstuffed calico cat, lion, or tiger animal kits. In the kit there is an unstuffed calico cat, lion, or tiger, stuffing fluff, and a birth certificate. In addition, you can purchase white t-shirts for the calico cats, or outfits.

The cat themed birthday party begins with each guest choosing their unstuffed cat. They stuff the cat with stuffing and love. Then, close the cat with hidden a locking zipper. Next complete the new kitten's birth certificate by giving the cat a unique name. If t-shirts were purchased each guest can decorate a t-shirt for their calico cat and dress the new friend.

Add to the fun of the cat themed birthday party by face painting the guests with a cat nose and whiskers and black cat headband ears, lion headband and tail set, or tiger costumes.